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Fox Locks Inc. has been installing electronic access control (EAC) for Police, School, Religious, Transportation, and residential/commercial buildings for nearly 15 years, with its’ owner completing installs for 23+ years. Access Systems enable its users to allow or deny access to integral and confidential computerized information systems or actual physical compounds. EAC is generally used as the primary mode of entrance for most employees, easily enabling the owners of the system to run audit reports for time and attendance, limit hours of access, or remove access from old users who no longer get the privilege of admittance.

Our EAC systems will allow you to keep tabs on the activities within your establishment as well as record any actions that transpire from the exterior or from within. By using a single primary EAC mainframe you can control access to every room in your facility remotely via a single, intuitive interface, saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in the process. Other benefits of our EAC systems include being able to track employee absenteeism, punch-in and punch out times, break durations, productivity levels, and even provide audits. In addition, our proprietary EAC systems can save you hundreds of dollars when it pertains to employee turnover because you won’t have to worry about changing the locks when ex-employees leave.

In addition, Fox Locks Inc. provides PC and other web-based EAC solutions with single and multi-site access functionality. Furthermore we will provide you with access control readers and cards and I.D. tracking photo badges do prohibit unauthorized access and deter corporate malfeasance. Moreover, we can also provide you with leading edge devices that are only single-door enabled if security is of the utmost importance.

Fox Locks Inc. offers a wide series of EAC systems with various different features at different rates. For instance, our EAC systems’ access code range ranges from 150 to 3,500. Some of our EAC systems require pins, while others require proximity, smart cards, or all 3 audit levels range from 4,000 to 40,000, Furthermore we provide panic exit, cylindrical, mortise, retrofitted, stand-alone, and BHMA/ANSI certified access controllers. The list of features and the various different series’ of EAC systems we provide literally runs the gamut. Fox Locks Inc. will provide a free consolation as well as an inspection of your establishment in order to assess the security needs of your complex before we recommend and implement one of our award winning access systems within your facility.

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